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FREE Gear List:
For Consistently Lit Wedding Reception Photos

Do you hate off-camera flash, but you feel like it's necessary? Have you put off purchasing lighting gear simply because you're unsure of what you really need for a great lighting set-up?! This FREE gear list is going to change the game for you!

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  • Get my exact gear list for beautifully lit reception photos
  • Finally purchase what you need so you can stop wondering if it's just your gear
  • Gain confidence in your system to produce consistently well lit reception photos
  • Raise your prices for achieving a new level of professional training

I'm Michele

photographer. wife. mama. educator.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over a decade and that has naturally progressed into a love for all things photography and business. I didn't realize what a gift running a successful business from home was until I became a mom. Now I'm passionate about helping other photographers and women business owners succeed at creating their dream job and dream life.